Friday, October 19, 2007

Brain Freak Out

Have you see this? This optical illusion is so interesting to me.

I immediately see her spinning clockwise. For the longest, I couldn't see her spinning counter clockwise until I focused my eyes on the shadow of her foot. Something about doing that allowed my brain to switch and see her going the other direction. It's cool when you make the switch happen!
I do loves me the internet! Happy Friday to all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And Our Eyes Met Again, As If For The First Time

Oh Ken,

You still look really good. I mean really good.

What's that? What have I been doing for the last 29 years since I saw you last?

Oh, you know, just hanging out and stuff.

When I saw you for the first time the other day - when I opened up the old box and there you were - I thought I would be ready to hand you over to Macy and Ruby. I thought I was mature enough to give you up to another. Oh, but I was wrong, Ken.

I'm just saying that my heart did a little back handspring of joy when I saw you. And you saw me. It was like 29 years had never passed. What's that? Oh, you're so right! Our love really is timeless.

Remember the fun we had, Ken? The talks? The wardrobe changes? The long drives in the Barbie camper? Hanging out in the Barbie condo with G.I. Joe and the girls? Good times. Good times, indeed.

I'm sorry you saw me get all flustered when Macy put that ridiculous crown on your head and insisted on calling you Prince Eric. When I saw that little wink you gave me - that wink that said, "Hey Lori, it's alright. You know I'm always going to be Ken to you. Your Ken." - I relaxed and knew that our love was secure enough for me to turn you over to the four year old.

Yeah, it's all good. Macy's never had a boy doll before and she fell completely in love with you. Your blue eyes. Your blue polyester disco suit with the sparkly pink collar. Your cool hair.

She had you marrying Ariel and Snow White and some princess named Aurora and I think you were even temporarily married to a giant baby doll named Rosie. But I knew. I knew you were just humoring Mason because you're a sweet guy like that - because you know your one true wife will always be Barbie.

What's that? But I'll always be your one true love?

Oh, Ken.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giving Thanks

Papa: Macy, why don't you say the prayer before we eat dinner?

Macy: *blink* *blink, blink* Okay.

Grammy: Everyone holds hands when we say a prayer at Grammy and Papa's house.

Macy and Ruby: Eyeing Grammy and Papa skeptically, unsure of this standing still hand-holding thing. Hand holding generally means fun and games, not playing statue.

Macy looking around the table, finally convinced that she really is supposed to say a prayer.

Macy: God.

Macy: Thank you for...

Macy is concerned and pauses, looking around for visual props. Gets none.

Macy with renewed determination and a big, confident voice: God. Old McDonald had a farm, eee eye eee eye oh, with a crunch, crunch here and a munch, munch there, Old McDonald had a farm, eee eye eee eye OH LUNCH.

A mortified Grammy was rendered speechless, but Macy, Ruby, and a guffawing Papa and Aunt Lori: AMEN!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Saddle Pals

A ticket to the Gene Autry Film and Music Festival?


A day with just dad and me in Gene Autry, Oklahoma watching Riders in the Sky?


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

8 Days and Counting

Until I get to see Miss Macy and sweet Ruby Kate.

They were in their uncle's wedding and I have no doubt they stole the show. Bride? What bride? But look at those adorable flower girls!