Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Studio portraits rock

Well, I'm still working on turning the pink to orange on the ole Dotopotamus, but I came across this today and had to share. Apparently this post from the blog List of the Day has been around the world wide web one million times now and I happen to be the last person who hadn't see it, but I'm so glad I did because did it ever make me laugh. And why do I laugh? Because I have dozens of pictures of me and my family that are JUST THAT BAD. In fact, I think I'll share some of them someday.

Check it out.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Meat Falls Off the Bone

Hi everyone! Could someone PLEASE give me a giant kick start? Because I am in NEED of some motivation. Lord.

I'm going to give the Dotopotamus a little face lift. Nothing drastic. You know, will probably just turn the pink to orange, or something totally mind-blowing like that. And then I'm going to post things again. Because I miss posting things. So tune in in a few days, or years, and see the magic for yourself. Because I'm nothing if not ON THE BALL!

In the meantime, enjoy my favorite Oklahoma City commercial, courtesy of Mr. Sprigg's Barbeque...