Thursday, January 06, 2011

Get Along Little Doggies

I visited beautiful Meeker, Colorado recently.

Where I got to visit this little turkey and pilgrim.

And let me just say that if you are headed off to kindergarten and the second grade in beautiful Meeker, Colorado and you have to be at school at 7:30 a.m. you had better give yourself plenty of time because you never know what kind of delay you might encounter.  And don't kid yourself into thinking that you have the right-away because in this neck of the woods?  You don't!

And let me spare you a hard lesson learned by letting you know that you should never, ever pump your fists in triumph as you make your way through the cow herd and begin to leave those bovines in your dust.  Don't do it.  Because if you do?  The next day the ranching gods will punish you with even longer delays.

With sheep.

Can you spot the black sheep of the family? That guys is trouble.

Thanks goodness for sheep dogs! They help clear the way.

By the way, did you know that you can visit beautiful Meeker, Colorado in September and attend the annual Sheepdog Championship Trials?  How cool is that?

But back to the road to school.  It's quite a trek!  My sister in law says that driving that road is like playing real life're always swerving to avoid some creature, or another.

However, if you can make it through the day without getting side swiped by some big animal you can pick up your little turkey and pilgrim from school and head over to the cute little local historical museum where they are dieing for you to see one thing, and one thing only...


Because it is almost as freaky cool as the Three-Headed Holliday.

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  • At 1/07/2011 , Blogger Amelia said...

    Getting some hugs from the girls must have been extra special...making the drive to school worth it in the long run.

  • At 1/10/2011 , Anonymous Holly said...

    It was kind of a Where's Waldo challenge to find the dog in that picture. But I found him! I found Waldo! :)


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