Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making Merry

Randy works hard and has to be away from home a lot.  Many negatives about that, for sure.  But the positive is that when he is home, we try and have fun.  Actually, we try and catch up on the ever-growing to-do list around the house, but then we try and have some fun.

When he returned from a mission a couple of weeks ago he was looking really good from working hard loading those planes, and he was ready for some Christmas cheer!

 So, we headed out to the Eatonville Christmas Parade.

Thankfully, it was a clear night and not raining...but super the upper 20s!  I had on five layers of clothing and for the first time since I was a child in Montana I had on long johns.  Nothing makes a girl feel prettier than rockin' some thermal underwear!

Small town parades are awesome.  Lots of people on main street cheering everyone on.  Every school, church group, business and organization decorates their car, truck, trailer, flatbed, tractor, ATV, bike, motorcycle, dune buggy or whatever else they have and gets in on the action.  

After the parade we ate dinner at the Big Timber Pub and while walking to the car, passed the Pour House Pub, where we noticed there was a little karaoke going on.  We may, or may not, have joined the fun...

We had to pack a lot of fun into that weekend because Randy was leaving again for a few weeks, so the next morning we hopped the train and headed...

To a Seahawks game!  They played the Carolina Panthers, and thanks to some kind of do-it-or-die half-time threat talk somehow turned it around and won!  I do love going to football games.  This one was cold...but fun! 

It was "Canada Appreciation Day".  Lots of kanucks up here, you know, eh?  When we went in the club house the Canadian Royal Mountie guys were there and they were being treated like rock starts with everyone wanting to get their pictures with them.  It's the awesome red uniforms and memories of Dudley Doright always saving the day.  Believe me, had the line to the ladies' not been a  mile long, yours truly would have been right there saying cheese with one of those guys.

A happy Christmas elf...Go Hawks!  Every single piece of clothing on Randy's body was emblazoned with a Seahawks something or other. 

I hope you are finding ways to make this holiday season merry, too.  Seasons greetings to you all!

Next up?  Dot's most dreaded event of the year...the holiday photo shoot!

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  • At 1/06/2011 , Anonymous Holly said...

    I love small town parades! Edmond's is like that. Too bad not many of them throw candy anymore.

    (Yes, I'm going to comment on every post.)


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