Monday, November 15, 2010


What do you do when you get that slightly "blue" feeling?

Job searching is hard.  And scary.  And intimidating.  That's left me a little bit blue feeling today.

Randy is out of town.  That's left me a little bit blue feeling today.

It gets dark here now beginning at 3:30.  By 4:30 it's completely dark.  That's left me a little bit blue feeling today.

It's rainy and cold.  That's left me a little bit blue feeling today.

Now don't get me wrong, it's nothing bad, just feeling a little bit blue and a little bit homesick today.   To be expected.

So, to keep myself occupied tonight after a long day of job searching I decided to unpack more boxes.  We're making progress!  And what did I open tonight?  Some of the beautiful things that people gave us for our wedding.  I will never be able to thank people enough for their kindness.  Just seeing those things and thinking of those people has made me feel so much better.  Everyone was so nice!

But when I got to our pretty new Riedel wine glasses I realized I was in waaaaaaay over my head. 

Friends, the Riedel Wine Glass Company makes BEAUTIFUL wine glasses but I am completely intimidated by them!  We have two of them.  Two perfect wine glasses.  I found myself flicking the rim with my middle finger just to hear their pretty crystal ring.  I've never had stemware so nice.

But to keep these two glasses perfect I learned that I need to follow these instructions as outlined on the box:

1.  Wash under warm water, detergent is not necessary.
2.  Place on linen to dry for the time being.
3.  For extra shine, steam over boiling water.
4.  To polish use 2 microfiber crystal towels.
5.  Hold glass by base and polish.  NEVER twist the base and the bowl.
6.  Use left hand to cradle the bowl and polish with your right hand.
7.  Perfect result.

What?!  WOW!  Sticking these babies in the dishwasher is apparently out of the question!  That's a lot of work!  Don't get me wrong.  These glasses were on our wish list and I am so honored to have them, but I HAD NO IDEA!

For some reason these detailed instructions struck me as hilarious so I just sat in my kitchen cracking up at the complexities of life.  From job searching to learning your way around a new marriage and a new community to dealing with physical changes to taking care of your wine glasses.  It's all a process that can sometimes feel really, really big and heavy.  But what can you do?  This is life and sometimes life is hard.  You just have to do your best, follow the rules, make the best decisions you can, and hope for a #7.  

Feeling a lot less blue, I filled my beautiful wine glass with milk and had some dinner.  And I managed to clean the wine glass just fine, afterwards.



  • At 11/16/2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    milk in your Riedels! say it isn't so! oh, the pressure to get them perfectly sparkly in 7 steps has me tensed up too. Shiraz will fix us right up!
    I'm sending you a letter this week.

  • At 11/16/2010 , Blogger Daisy Bee said...

    I love this post. This post is my favorite.


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