Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day - Literally

things bought
and the money spent
are they really heaven sent?

things of this world
they do not last
so why your lot in
do you cast?

can money and things
buy you happiness you think?
can it love for you bring?
or can it bring you to the brink?

i believe still today
that it won't bring happiness your way
nothing in this world will buy
what you really need inside

so follow your mind
and you will find
that if you're smart
you'll follow your heart.

~Scott Kinney

So I'm just saying that I have decided to become a minimalist.  All I really need is my bed.  That is all.  The rest of this stuff has got to go!

That is because over the last month and a half I have sorted through every single thing I own.  I'm serious.  Since my garage sale in July, I have been in the process of preparing to move, sorting through my things, organizing, arranging, packing, and giving lots away. 

I decided to treat this move differently than those in the past where in my old home I just threw everything in a box and in my new home put it all in a drawer or cabinet or on a shelf without giving it much thought.  I decided this time that because I'm actually combining my stuff with another person's stuff til death do us part (counseling anyone?  I'll drive!), I would go through each and every thing I own to decide if it is something that I really need in my life.

What a time consuming, painful, horrible, liberating, wonderful, terrible process this has been.  Oh, the decisions!  Oh, the endless collection of stuff that has amassed over a lifetime!

But today?  I FINISHED.  I can honestly say that I have touched and /or seen every single item I own whether it was in the back of a junk drawer, in the corner of a closet, or hidden deep inside a box in my garage that hasn't been opened in 20 years. 

And I was pretty ruthless, too.  I really purged a lot of stuff and that feels good.  I like knowing what I have, where it is, and how I'll be able to incorporate my things into the things owned by my better half.  (Yikes!)

So right now I am dirty, sore, and pretty exhausted, but I'm ready for the movers to come, take my stuff and drive off to Mexico with it so I'll NEVER HAVE TO UNPACK IT AGAIN!

Because seriously, all I need is my bed.  And apparently my fridge...

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