Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Last weekend Randy and I went to his all-school high school reunion in Toledo, Oregon.  Toledo was hopping with activity, including the annual Wooden Boat Show held in the little port area of town.

I've always lived in land-locked places, so the whole coastal, sea, ocean, fishing, boating, shrimping, crabbing, thing is new to me.  It's going to be fun getting to know that whole culture. 

First stop, the Wooden Boat Show in Toledo, Oregon.

There was a lot going on.

The potato canon was a big draw.  You aimed for the signs in the water, or that red jacket wearing pirate in that little dingy.  Randy came the closest to hitting the target...missed it by that much!  The red jacket wearing pirate in the little dingy shot potatoes back at you, so you had to keep your head up or you would get nailed by a flying spud.

There were different boat races throughout the day.  You can see some of the boats warming up behind me.

There were wooden boats of all kinds on display along the various docks along the slough.

I liked the Wahoo.  Good name.

Although the Wahoo was a little rough in places...

There were cute, funky little wooden boats.

And there were pirate boats!

Back up on land - the boardwalk area above the docks - there was a cute street fair going on.  Lots of beautifully handcrafted wooden boats were on display.  The amount of time and elbow grease these took to make is impressive.

You could make your own wooden boat

Little kids could make their own wooden boats, too.

There were many booths with cool things on display.  Things like...

Fish art...


Cute things for your dog.  And there were dozens of dogs milling about...

Funky, handmade hats.  You can't really see my new funky, handmade hat, but trust me, it's cute!

There were stringed instruments and people who knew how to play lilty Irish fiddle tunes...

There were antiques for sale, and you could buy your very own vintage Roman gladiator...because everyone needs one!  We plan on putting this one in our garden.

There was a silent auction and Randy couldn't resist bidding on things.  He was the high bidder on the big reel in the picture.  He said he was getting it for me...because I need a reel for all of the deep sea fishing I'm going to do.  (Now where on the keybaord is that face icon with the rolling eyes?).

I really liked the band because I'm always drawn to the live music!   These guys were good.  Come on, chances are that any band with an accordion player is going to be good.

And the best news?  Randy and I were crowned King and Queen of the Wooden Boat Show!  Okay, maybe not.  Because these guys totally had us beat...

But there is always next year!

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  • At 8/27/2010 , Blogger Amelia said...

    That Penn Reel is a winner...Leon and I used them when we had a place at Lake Texoma.


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