Monday, July 19, 2010

Hanging at the Hollidays

Is there such a thing as too much togetherness?  The Holliday Clan seems to think not.

The true humor here?  This is totally normal.  This wasn't a how-many-clowns-can-you-fit-in-a-clown-car gag or a there-aren't-enough-seats-for-everyone-so-we'll-all-pile-on-the-love-seat thing...this was pretty much just everyone coming into the room at different times and being drawn to the couch.

There's papa on the couch, with his crutch because he just had major knee surgery - no danger for damage there!  And there are two pretty fabulous under-tenners in the forms of Mason and Ruby who everyone wants to be close to, plus there's Matt who decided to check out his "crutch" from a play he was in 30 years ago, and best of all there are animals everywhere including three dogs and two cats, and Shana who was at least smart enough to position herself in the "eject" seat so that she could get out of there fast when Jack - who weighs 150 pounds - decided to jump on board.

Okay everyone..."Say cheesy"...I mean "cheese!"

Sure Cooper, there's plenty of room for you.  Come on up.  Jack, I know you want to but you would sink the ship, buddy!

Poor nervous Dot doesn't know what to make of the whole thing.

So she just jumped up on Randy's lap instead because it was much less crowded on his chair.  What, Randy?  You look a little freaked out.  You aren't used to having crazed animals and under-tenners crawling on you when you are relaxing in the living room?  Well welcome to the family My Dear!  I'm not sure who looks more or Dot.

So where was mom during the family meeting in the den?  Not too far away....

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