Saturday, June 14, 2008

The St. Patrick's Day Rules Are Very Clear

I so wish I could have been there for this one, but alas, I only got to hear the story second hand from my brother, Matt.

It was St. Patrick's Day. Macy and Ruby were pretty excited about the whole concept and that morning they got decked out in anything green they could find to wear. Later that day, Matt took the girls to eat lunch at a small, local eatery in the little town of Granby, Colorado.

They walk in and have to order at the counter before sitting down. In line ahead of them was a pretty rough looking group of guys. Matt said that he had never seen such a militant, scary goth/punk guy then their apparent ringleader. Wearing all black, huge mohawk, chains, face piercings, smudged eye make-up - the entire Marilyn Manson works.

Matt tried to distract the girls so they would stop staring but when the goth guys moved over to wait for their food, he turned to order and Macy couldn't help herself. In a little-girl "whisper" that could clearly be heard in the large crowded room, she says in her most incredulous voice, "Daddy! Daddy! Look at that man over there..."

Matt said he froze, whipped around, but before he could interrupt what he was sure was going to be something ugly, Macy blurted out in her whisper, "He's not wearing any GREEN..."

The entire place erupted in laughter. Matt said he was never prouder of his kids then at that moment - they had never been judgemental little girls and they weren't gonna be judgemental that day, either. Well, except for the whole not wearing green thing, but come on...there are just some social norms you can't violate and expect to get away with. So Matt said in an equally loud stage whisper, "Then you'd better go over and give him a pinch!"

Macy cracked up as she tore over to the goth guy and pinched his leg and yelled "Happy St. Patrick's Day!". The guy was a great sport and goofed with her for a minute while everyone was roaring. Matt said everyone was still laughing when they left 30 minutes later. And Macy was never the wiser - she thought everyone was laughing because they were in on the whole St. Patrick's Day gaff she had just exposed.

You gotta love it.



  • At 6/15/2008 , Blogger Emig Family said...

    What a great story!

    I bet Goth Boy and his band of thugs grew a little more tolerant that day. Perhaps their hearts softened and their eyes opened a bit to all the good in the world.

    Because of that, Macy has helped make the world a better place, even if only a tiny bit. Yep, her parents SHOULD be proud. And her aunt, too.


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