Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Fine Line

I must admit, I like bagpipe marching bands.

I love them, actually.

The haunting, sober, sound moves me. When I lived in the famous Bull Creek Apartments in Austin, I lived near a cemetary. I would purposely walk near the cemetary early on Sunday mornings because every now and then this lone bag pipe player would be standing near a grave playing Amazing Grace. It was awesome.

But maybe even more awesome than bagpipe marching bands are men in kilts.
I love them.

I love to see kilt-wearing bag pipers headed my way. Ordinary looking men become handsome.

I agree that not all kilts are created equal.

And I agree that not all men can pull them off.

But some can. Oh, yes they can.

And I know that every single person fell just a little bit in love with Mel the day they saw this.

Because, say what you will about that guy, but he can pull off a kilt.

And make up.

That is all.



  • At 3/18/2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everytime I hear Amazing Grace played on a bagpipe, I cry...everytime. My kids have now begun to wait for it when they here the pipes. They look and me and wait. It is almost like they are taking bets on when I might cry. And now I am rambling.


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