Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Eyes Have It

There is nothing that makes me cringe like seeing pictures of myself when I have drunk eyes.  You know....the picture where the camera shutter catches you in mid blink, or mid comment, or, if you're really lucky, both.  And you look like a drunken fool.

It's always an extra special treat when you are the only one with drunk eyes in a group picture that is otherwise a fantastic shot of everyone else.  Good stuff.

You hear me, right?

But drunk eyes also make me laugh. 

So what better way to celebrate an insecurity than to put it on public display for everyone to enjoy!

What?'s it going?   Heeeeyyyyy.... are in so much trouble!

Yeah, you too Macy...

I'm going to tell your dad.  Oh great....he's no help.  He's got wide eyed drunk eyes...never good. was I saying again?

Oh, that's right.  Randy, football games are serious business.

Okay, so this one might really and truly be drunk eyes in know....literal sense. 

What are my parents going to think?  Okay, I suspect it's all good....

So drunk eyes are pretty funny.  But they should never, ever be confused with their much more terrifying cousin crazy eyes...something I know very little about....

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  • At 8/12/2010 , Anonymous Holly said...

    I'm not much of a commenter, but DANG girl! I had to log on to tell you.. This was so funny that I spit on the my monitor.

  • At 8/12/2010 , Anonymous Still Holly said...

    "on the my monitor" ??? Huh?

    This is why I don't comment.


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