Friday, December 24, 2010

An OLDIE But a Goodie

I can't let the season pass without sharing my favorite picture of all time, once again.  I still laugh every year when I see it. 

Poor Matt.  He was a little bit stressed out, to be sure.  And I think Santa wanted to kill him.  But I had my candy cane and all was good.

Merry Christmas and love to you all.

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  • At 12/27/2010 , Blogger kerri said...

    Oh Lori! I love your adorable picture of you and your brother! You still look the same~beautiful!! And I enjoyed reading about your Christmas tree and chestnuts!!! It is so much fun to see what you and Randy are up to! I talked to John awhile back and he told me how much he enjoyed reading your blog and what a wonderful/fun writer you are!! I'm enjoying your blog too! I sure MISS YOU LOTS!!! I hope you and Randy have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!

  • At 1/06/2011 , Anonymous Holly said...

    I love that picture!! I think it of it every time I lead my kids up to Santa's lap.


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