Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giving Thanks

Papa: Macy, why don't you say the prayer before we eat dinner?

Macy: *blink* *blink, blink* Okay.

Grammy: Everyone holds hands when we say a prayer at Grammy and Papa's house.

Macy and Ruby: Eyeing Grammy and Papa skeptically, unsure of this standing still hand-holding thing. Hand holding generally means fun and games, not playing statue.

Macy looking around the table, finally convinced that she really is supposed to say a prayer.

Macy: God.

Macy: Thank you for...

Macy is concerned and pauses, looking around for visual props. Gets none.

Macy with renewed determination and a big, confident voice: God. Old McDonald had a farm, eee eye eee eye oh, with a crunch, crunch here and a munch, munch there, Old McDonald had a farm, eee eye eee eye OH LUNCH.

A mortified Grammy was rendered speechless, but Macy, Ruby, and a guffawing Papa and Aunt Lori: AMEN!



  • At 10/16/2007 , Anonymous traci said...

    she knows exactly what she's thankful for! I bet you had big laughs all weekend with those girls.


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