Monday, September 03, 2007

Please Tell Thomas Jefferson I'm Not His Scullery Maid

I spent a few very long days at a professional development conference for Oklahoma educators last week. It was a great forum to discuss with over 3,000 K-12 teachers the virtues of using public television in their classrooms.

My very busy exhibit booth was right next to a booth that promoted historical reenactments - actors portraying historical characters available to come to classrooms to bring history lessons alive, so to speak.

These actors were amazing, too. Not only in their likeness but in their mannerisms and knowledge. But Thomas Jefferson about wore me out.

Thomas Jefferson, in a hushed whisper, turned to me right as he was about to give his demonstration for teachers. There was no one around to hear him, other than me and the Benjamin Franklin character who was chit chatting with me about his love for PBS.

Thomas Jefferson: Excuse me. Excuse me fair woman, would thou fetcheth me a bit of ale?

Me, looking around until I realized he was talking to me: Excuse me?

Thomas Jefferson: A pint of grog perhaps?

Me: Grog?

Benjamin Franklin, rolling his eyes in a hugely exaggerated manner: Oh, here we go.

Thomas Jefferson: Just a drop of something wet to sooth my parched tongue.

Me: Well, okay. I guess so. Even though I'm the only one here at my booth...

Thomas Jefferson: Yes, yes, hurry along now my dear.

Benjamin Franklin: Oh dear Lord...

So I walked CLEAR ACROSS the convention center floor. About 3 football fields in length, to the vendor hospitality room. Of course, all of the bottled water was gone, as was most of the sodas. I grab what they had and hot footed it back.

Thomas Jefferson, clearly perturbed: At last! What took you so long madame?

Me: Well, they were fresh out of Meade at Ye Olde Tavern, so I got you a Diet Coke.

Thomas Jefferson, not at all amused with my attempt to get into the spirit of things: Well, I dost suppose this pig swill will have to suffice.

Me: Thomas, I dost think that you're a real dandy, aren't you?

Benjamin Franklin: Oh honey, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.



  • At 9/04/2007 , Blogger Emig Family said...

    Yeah, I'd pegged Thomas as high maintenance from the start. With all the loopy handwriting and tight knickers.

  • At 9/05/2007 , Blogger Beth said...

    Lori - HYSTERICAL!!! I wish there were a picture with the three of you together.


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