Sunday, May 14, 2006

If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I've been thinking about you all day today ~ feeling very fortunate that you are mine. But how do I begin to describe how much you mean to me in a unique and fresh way, different from the ways I've told you before? How can I truly express how important your influence has been on me in a way that conveys my true sincerity? How do I adequately share all of the emotions I feel for you ~ love, pride, respect, envy, adoration ~ in a 500 word blog entry? It's impossible. Someday I may try to write these things, but for today I am narrowing the focus or I will be left speechless.

As I was walking with Dot this morning, I was thinking about what it is I like and admire so much about you. I've decided to choose "fun" (other close contenders were your "sense of style", your "musicianship" and your "energy"... But I'm going for fun). You truly are so much FUN, mom. And you are FUNNY. You have always been fun. You make events and outings and occasions and conversations fun. You make people laugh. You can laugh at yourself. You can make me laugh so hard that I'm reduced to tears. People love you for being so much fun ~ it's what sets you apart and makes you special. How do I even begin to choose one example to share, or two, or even twenty? Again, maybe someday I'll try to come up with a "top 10 list" but it's virtually impossible to pick a limited number of fun mom memories. Is it rattlesnake hunting at the Last Stop? The retelling of the infamous West Texas incident? Being pulled over in your Cha Cha Digragorio get-up? Providing Cowboys training camp color commentary for Oldies 103? It's endless...

Your sense of humor is awesome, mom, and it's what makes you so special to me, your family and your friends. I'm thrilled that Macy and Ruby will know what fun person you are, too. What great times they will have having fun with their Grammy. I think that's so cool and the image I've added to this post really speaks volumes to that point.

I've known you longer than I've known any other person on the planet, mom. Thank you for your love and friendship, and for the fun you've added to my life. Happy Mother's Day, Alice Ann Webb Holliday.

Love Always,
Your Number One Child


  • At 5/14/2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    WOW! The pressure is on for me to come up with some witty, funny retort, but right now I can't see for the tears in my eyes! I must admit, I can laugh harder with you than anyone else. You are the best listener in the world and you have the best reactions--I love your fall-off-the-couch/chair- onto-the-floor-laughing-so-hard- you-can't-breath reaction! And, truth be told, you have that same ABILITY TO EMBELISH while keeping things true. You are blessed! But seriously, Doodle, thank you for all the kind words and for letting me be not only your Mom, but also your friend. We have lots of laughs and good times ahead of us. I love you, Mom


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