Thursday, April 20, 2006


In general, I am not an early adapter. I'm probably just left of center on the adaptation bell curve. I appreciate technology -- and I use technology -- but it takes some effort for me to get on the band wagon.

So -- I only recently discovered the joys of an iPOD. What a cool toy! I've purchased and downloaded a few songs from the iTunes store, but mostly I've just imported my own CDs. This process has made it glaringly obvious that I'm secure in my nerdom...I have eclectic musical taste, to say the least, which becomes very apparent when you "shuffle" the selections.

Shuffle is my absolute favorite iPod feature. I love the randomness of it all and it makes me laugh to hear what comes up. I am partially convinced, however, that shuffle only takes in to consideration about 100 songs because there tends to be certain repeats that show up every day, but that's probably not true.

I decided that I had to truly respect the shuffle and not short change it. My usual temptation was to skip over songs that I didn't think I wanted to hear. But it ended up that I was listening to basically the same songs all of the time. So I've decided -- If I'm going to "shuffle", I listen to what comes up with no skipping. I figure I like all of the music I imported, so I need to revisit it and hear it out since it's been years since I've listened to many of the 1,121 songs I currently have in the queue.

Here are the top 10 songs that came up last night when I shuffled...

"It Hurt So Bad" - Susan Tedeschi
"Genuine" - The Derailers
"Some Kind of Wonderful" - Buddy Guy
"I've Just Destroyed the Land I'm Living In" - Willie Nelson
"Farewell Andromeda" - John Denver
"If That's What it Takes" - Theryl "Houseman" de Clouet
"Standing There Wondering" - Harmonizing 4
"What a Savior" - The Statesmen
"Beauty on the Big Screen" - Lou Bega

And given that I just wrote about this song two days ago, I was surprised and thrilled to hear the 10th song that played...

"Every Morning" - Keb Mo

Rock on, nerd!


  • At 9/04/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm probably the only other person who knows who "The Statesmen" are!!!! That brings back wonderful memories to me...used to go to all the concerts. Love that song!


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