Tuesday, April 18, 2006

True Love

I cannot adequately describe the pure bliss I experience when I see Keb Mo live in concert. It's been that way from the first time I saw him on Austin City Limits over 12 years ago. I fell in love with his music that day and my appreciation for him just grows stronger!

There are a bunch of different reasons for this adoration. For one thing, he writes the majority of his own songs and I think that is one of the most impressive, and difficult, artistic skills. It might be soul-touching poetry or a humor-infused little chorus, but he can make it real.

"Every Morning" is a song about true love from one of Keb Mo's early albums, and when I hear him sing it, I say a little prayer that someday, someone will love me like this...

"And in my wildest, imagination,
I could never, imagine you
Lovin' me as much as, as I love you."

After playing with an on-line translation website, I can sing this phrase in French:

"Et dans mon plus sauvage, imagination,
Je ne purrais jamais, vous imaginer
Lovin' j'autant que, comme je vous aime."

And in German:

Und in meinem wildesten, Phantasie,
Ich Konnte nie, Sie sich vorzustellen
Lovin' ich soviel wie, wie ich Sie liebe.

With babblefish I could go on in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and even Russian, but the absolute truth is that "Lovin'" is "Lovin'", proving my long-held belief that "Lovin'" truly is the REAL international language.

Thank you, Keb.


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