Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Mason!

Dear Mason,

All of our lives changed forever when you were born three years ago today! It's like another physical dimension was added to our family's existence that gave everything new life and new shape and new definition. It's been amazing.

You are such a wonderful person, Macy -- really smart, full of energy, always curious and FUNNY. For me, time and space have no meaning when it comes to you -- I don't get to see you very often yet I'm truly with you every step of the way. That's mainly because you have an awesome dad and mom and papa and grammy who tell me every story of their time with you and they share millions of pictures. Talking to you on the phone, or getting a message from you, makes my whole day! But the very best part is when I've been able to spend time with you playing, and running, and talking, and singing, and dancing, and doing all of those super cool things.

Always know that you are loved, Mason. Crazy, fantastical, infinitely big love, too. May that give you the confidence and the courage to fuel your journey through life.

Forever Yours,
Aunt Lori


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