Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruby Kate

I just knew from day one that Ruby Kate Holliday was going to be special. My reasoning was more intuitive than rational, but I knew she'd be amazing when, 1) I learned her name was Ruby Kate -- one of the all time great names, named after one of the all-time great people, Ruby Jo Pounds Lewis, and 2) I saw her resemblance to Matt. Again -- not concrete evidence of awesomeness, but a hunch. And this last fifteen months have proved me RIGHT. Ruby Kate is sweet and coy and a little love bug who will absolutely melt your heart. She's done an incredible job of being Mason's sister -- and that is no easy task because Macy likes center stage and has been pretty adamant about "defending her turf" -- so Ruby has learned how to be her own little person, with her own unique sense of adventure and style. What an angel.

Sometimes I think I'm going to collapse into the weight of the love I have for my little nieces.


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