Friday, April 21, 2006

Find A Penny, Pick It Up

I've been thinking a lot about "prosperity" lately. I tend to focus on what I think I lack -- not enough money, too much debt, too few good relationships, too unhealthy, too sad, too unfocused, too disconnected, and so on. But there is that other part of me that realizes that in truth, I have a rich and overflowing abundance of good. I am wealthy beyond measure.

I have plenty of money, I'm managing my debt very well, I have wonderful, supportive family and friends, I can walk and talk and see and hear and I actually have tremendous health, I live in a country that values freedom and choice, I can determine my own destiny, God loves me... More than having enough - I am rich. So how do I get to a point where it is this belief that defines me, my thoughts, my beliefs and my actions?

I am truly grateful for what I have because there are SO MANY people with SO MANY bigger problems than mine, and ultimately I'd like to get to a point where I can focus more on others than on myself, but that's really a different subject for another day...

I read an article about a wealthy man who said he never passed by a penny, or coin, on the ground without picking it up. It's not that he needs the money, but he feels like it is disrespectful to pass it by. It would be taking "wealth" for granted and not being appreciative. This really stuck with me, and I've adopted this exercise. When I see a coin it has become an instant reminder of how prosperous I am and, as I pick it up, I say a little "thank you" prayer for my many blessings. I keep the coins together in the candle holder in my room as a reminder of the good.

The number of coins that have been placed in my path has been amazing. I don't go more than a day or two without seeing one. Maybe it's because I'm actively looking for them now so I've become more aware of their presence, or maybe it's because God is putting them in my path because he knows that I am trying to learn these lessons on a deep level and need these helpful reminders.

I do know that the ultimate key to my breaking free from the depressed and negative thoughts that have kept me down for so long, is by choosing to shift my thoughts, "purify my perception" as Marianne Williamson says, to focus on, AND BELIEVE, the positive and good. While I KNOW it in my mind, I want to FEEL it in my heart. When that happens, I believe true transformation is possible.

In the meantime, I will pick up pennies...


  • At 9/04/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said... inspiring Lori. "Thank You"!!!! I will be picking up all those coins also and saying a prayer of thanks each time.


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