Sunday, July 01, 2007

A World of Difference

A few things came together in the just the right way for me this morning and have left me feeling good. Lighter, more refreshed, somehow. It happened while reading the paper.

I am such a fan of pundit and syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker. She is classified as a moderate conservative, but I put heavy emphasis on the "moderate" because I do think she resides comfortably in the middle area, give or take a few slides further right every now and then. I find myself agreeing with her take on things most of the time.

Her column today was one of her more simple, but I just loved it because it told the story of two extremes, contrasting the political protester who's been dubbed "Rage Boy" with Paul Potts, the singer who won a British televised talent show. Read it here.

When I say that things came together, I mean that first, I really like the writings of Kathleen Parker. Second, I am so concerned with all of the anger and hate mongering coming from EVERYONE these days and Rage Boy is just one example of what is freaking me out. Third, I am a COMPLETE FOOL for a good underdog-wins story, and Paul Potts is a rock star in my book. And finally, there is something truly special about the Nessun Dorma song, Puccini's gift to humanity. Even if you don't know opera, you know this song because you've heard it in movies and televised concerts and even cartoons. It truly brings on chills for me and most of the time I tear up when I hear it because it is such a moving song. If you aren't familiar, go to iTunes and download it right now because you won't be disappointed.

Here is the YouTube clip of Paul Potts singing Nessun Dorma.

Quoting Ms. Parker, "Not everyone has the natural talent to sing an aria, obviously, but everyone has the voluntary will to see beyond one's personal wounds and to view narcissistic rage for what it is."

So, chill out Rage Boy.



  • At 7/01/2007 , Blogger Emig Family said...

    Simon's right. It's fascinating to find a regular person working a regular job and living a regular life all the while having an unbelievable talent hidden under their regular skin.

    It makes you wonder what your own talent might be, just waiting to be discovered by Simon Cowell. Mine is probably something as useful as flyfishing.

    As for Rage Boy, I don't know of him. But I won't even give him the benefit of googling him.


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