Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's Letter

Dear NBA World Champion San Antonio Spurs,

Congratulations on your big win last night! You guys were so much fun to watch during this series and you deserved to sweep the tournament. The fact that you did it as a team was truly inspiring. Maybe you heard me cheering you on from my living room?

Tim Duncan, you epitomize grace and humility. You will go down as one of the games’ super stars of the ages, but you always put your team first, before your ego, and that is what truly makes you one of the greats. You are pure class.

Tony Parker, you totally deserve to be the series MVP. You had your game ON, dude, and I could just hear the French masses around the globe yelling “salut!” with their glasses held high in your honor.

Manu Ginobili, you absolutely MUST get an endorsement deal with Red Bull. Your energy, which borders on out-of-control crazed hysteria, is really fun to watch. And those free throws you made last night were important points. I wonder if Manu means “the Rocket” in Argentinean?

Robert Horry, if you wore all SEVEN of your championship rings at the same time you wouldn’t be able to lift your arms! Truthfully, now, doesn’t it feel better to win a ring with this bunch of guys than it did winning with those egotistical, self-serving, out-for-themselves, cry babies in L.A.?

Oh my gosh, David Robinson, it was so good seeing you, and when you hugged Tim I got a little teary. You are the man and I hope you are enjoying retirement – even though you’ve still got game!

Coach Popovich, you are obviously doing something right. Congratulations to you and all of the Spurs organizational brass for putting together a team of players that actually play like…a team.

San Antonio, I’ve always thought you were a cool town. I say town even though you are a big city, because you have that small town charm feeling that I like. Enjoy your team’s dynasty. You are great fans.

And I’m a great fan, too. Congratulations you guys. It’s teams like yours that make me love sports.


P.S. LeBron, don’t be too sad. You are an amazing player, but your team just wasn’t ready. You have a lot riding on your shoulders – like, your whole franchise - and you’re handling yourself so well given all that is expected of you. Keep up the good work, don’t become a jerk, and I suspect you will be sporting a championship ring, or two, yourself in the not-so-distant future.



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