Monday, June 05, 2006

The Little Things - Part 1

I tend to mark time by the big or memorable events in my life. Highschool graduation, going to France, being promoted at KLRU, my trip to Colorado last week - those kinds of things. If life were a crazy quilt these would be the patches of the brightest, shiniest fabrics, surrounded by many more patches of lighter colors with varying degrees of intensities.

But truly, much of life is spent between the big the moments connecting one big event to another. Most of life is spend in the day to day task of living...the grind...the ordinary.

So what do we take away from these regular days? I think it's the little things.

The things in life that aren't big, or spectacular, or monumental in any way...but they are the things that might make life a little bit more enjoyable, or a little bit easier, or a little bit more peaceful.

This is my first installment of "The Little Things" that are important to me...

1. Clean sheets. There is nothing better than getting in to bed when the sheets are clean. They smell good and feel good and they promote a sense of peace and comfort and accomplishment.

2. Television. Come on there really any other one single invention in the history of mankind that has been better or more beneficial than television? Polio vaccination -- no. Air travel -- no. Computers -- no. It is television! I can stay informed, be entertained, moved to tears, learn something new, waste time, develop new interests, indulge passions, share experiences...all via television.

3. Contact Lenses. I've been wearing them since I was 14 and they changed my life. I can wear sunglasses. I can change the color of my eyes if I want to. I can see more clearly. All with little pieces of plastic instead of heavy glasses.

4. Music. Need I say more?

5. Extendable Showerhead. It reaches every nook and cranny and makes cleaning the dreaded bathtub a lot easier too. Tres European.

6. Diet Coke.


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