Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toot Toot Tootsies

Some women spend so much money on personal pampering and salon beauty treatments ~ hair cuts and elaborate color, facials, Botox, chemical peels, tanning beds, liposuction, elaborate makeup, fake fingernails, waxing, eyebrow shaping, permanent lip and eye liner tattoos, mud baths and on and on and on. Expensive stuff. Granted, maybe if I did invest in some of these things I would feel a lot better about myself, but that's for contemplation at a later time. But the one pampering indulgence that I LOVE and look forward to every month is my PEDICURE.

I've only been getting pedicures for a couple of years because, before then, just the THOUGHT of someone touching my gross feet was enough to send me into a self conscious fit of self loathing agony. I have big feet, I'm cursed with Webb toes, I don't have actual nails on my little toes, I've had corns, you could drive nails through plywood with the callouses on my heels, and now thanks to my ankle sprain last winter I look like I'm storing a grapefruit in my right foot. So there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to have someone mess with my feet. Then, about two years ago, a miracle occurred....I somehow, someway, with little effort....just got over it. Maybe it was Beth's constant cajoling or maybe it's because my feet just felt so bad, but I just got over it and have been getting pedicures every 4-6 weeks ever since.

And they are wonderful. Soaking and scrubbing and clipping and trimming and rubbing and scraping and moisturizing and painting.... 1 hour and $20 later, I walk out with brand new, baby soft feet that feel really good. And the best thing? I've sat by some women who have downright scary looking feet, so all things considered, mine aren't that bad!


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