Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yore Diddy


A true original.

Has been around for a lot of years, running strong, wracking up lots of miles while coming and going from so many interesting destinations. In better condition now, than ever. Withstanding sun and rain and storms and maybe even a little hail, some years have caused more rust than others. But always polishes up to a bright, bright shine. Always has been a crowd favorite, standing out among others. Not the flash-in-the-pan popular of the hot rod or the overexaggeration of the muscle car or the nerdiness of the Pacer… but a Real Classic.

Almost everyone wants one, but only a few have one. Has been a real hit with the family. Fun, rare, valuable. Gets lots of thumbs up from those who pass by.


And the ’56 Chevy isn’t bad either…


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