Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Soundtrack of My Life Would Win a Grammy

And speaking of iPods...

I think we can all agree that the iPod is, without a doubt, the single greatest and most important invention of all time. I am in love with my iPod. I plan on marrying it.

Second greatest invention of all time - the iTunes store. Dude, you can buy any single song in the universe for .99. I mean, how awesome is that? Never again will I have to buy the whole stupid CD just for that one song.

But I had to come to grips with the fact that the iPod doesn't lie. It gives you exactly what you've given it. Your soul is laid bare for all who scroll through your music collection while you're in the bathroom. They're going to see the inner workings of your mind, and that can be a scary thing.

I haven't yet figured out their system, but every so often iTunes emails me a summary of the music I've purchased. I got that email today and it was humbling.

I had to take a moment to collect myself when I realized that I am, truly, the weirdest person I know.

Because the last 5 songs I've purchased have been:

1. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
2. Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy
3. She Bangs - Ricky Martin
4. Kiss - Prince
5. The Bare Necessities - Jungle Book

Truth? I'd be hard pressed to tell you which of those songs I like the best because THEY ARE ALL GREAT.


  • At 11/16/2007 , Blogger Beth said...


    What you need next?
    Ina Mina Dika
    ... trust me! I dare you not to dance.


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