Monday, April 16, 2007

Adding Another Personal Issue to a Very Long List

I have total ringxiety. I hear my cell phone ringing all of the time.

The phenomenon of phantom ring tones has been in the news for awhile now, but my problem seems to be getting steadily worse. I have an old-school ring – “brrrring, brrring” – no fancy ringtone, no cool song, no cartoon catch phrase (mainly because I have an inability to figure out how to download anything new as my ringer).

But I hear my phone ringing when I’m watching TV, listening to the radio, driving down the street, blow drying my hair, in the shower…all the time. Even when a commercial comes on that I already know is going to trigger this response in me, I still fall for it and for one split second wonder if my phone is ringing. It’s SO ANNOYING.

I’ve read all of the articles that this has something to do with the pitch frequency of my phone in relation to my hearing range in relation to my growing dependency on a cell phone (this would be the PERFECT time to illustrate my point with a Venn Diagram, but I’ll spare you the charts and graphs!) yet instinct to answer wins out over reason every time.

Last night I was flying home from a weekend in Beautiful Colorado celebrating Macy’s FOURTH birthday and I watched the poor woman next to me get her phone out of her purse about six times. You could see the “ohmygosh I’m crazy” fear appearing in her face each time because she KNEW her phone was turned off, but she kept hearing it anyway. As I was silently empathizing with her, I had to laugh because we’ve become a society of cell phone lunatics.

But when the day comes that I finally muster up the gumption to figure out how it’s done, I’m going to download my nieces’ laughter as my ring tone. There is no sound better in the world, so IF I have to suffer from ringxiety, at least it would be to the giggles and belly laughs of Ruby and Mason. There are certainly worse things.

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