Monday, March 12, 2007

A Little Kitsch Is Good For The Soul

My friend Traci gave me this funky wine cozy and it makes me laugh. Big points for the kitsch factor.

This is my BIG week at work. In addition to our Festival (aka pledge drive) we are hosting PBS President Paula Kerger and documentarian extraordinaire Ken Burns at big events on Wednesday and Thursday. Lots to eventually share on that front.

Some days at work exemplify "other duties as assigned" better than others. Among many things, here are some of the tasks I accomplished today:

Organized conference call with the Governor's office.

Testified in the "who peed all over the bathroom on Sunday" mystery case.

Hosted a meeting with two representatives from WGBH who have decided to swoop in take over Oklahoma.

Had to burst the bubble of two representatives from WGBH who just THOUGHT they were going to swoop in and take over Oklahoma.

Explained to the caterer for the fourteenth time that I wanted gold napkins at the event dinner and not blue.

Negotiated a peace accord between production and engineering over a pending federal grant.

Went to the dollar store and bought 150 gift bags.

Created a seating chart making sure that there was sufficient room between the Ds and the Rs, and that various divorced couples were at opposite ends of the room.

Herded six high energy escaped black lab puppies from the middle of the street back into their fenced yard while holding crazy, barking Dot's leash in one hand and her poop bag in the other.

I say this to be funny because I never really know what's going to happen from one day to the next. I guess that's why we all continue to get up in the mornings. Just to see what happens next.

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