Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day in OKC

I voted.

I voted because it’s my right and duty as an American to do so. So many have given so much protecting my democratic freedoms and I take that seriously. With voter registration card in hand, I found my polling place and I voted. I always feel like there should be refrains of God Bless America playing when one enters their polling place. And after I put my ballot into the automated sorter, I clamored for the little “I Voted” sticker that I will wear proudly today, like a badge of honor.

Unfortunately, I didn’t vote because I really care about any of the candidates. I’ve sort of lost faith in the lot of them. And that isn’t fair, is it, to punish them all for the sins of a few, but it’s not always clear to me anymore who is the good guy and who isn’t. I did have a fairly strong opinion about the Oklahoma governor and one of the candidates for the U.S. Congress, so those votes were important to me.

And, I did think it would be entertaining to cast my vote for one of the state laws on the ballot seeking a constitutional amendment to allow liquor to be sold on Election Day. Apparently, 100 years ago when the constitution was written and this law was established, there was some evidence that politicians were buying votes by promising a round of drinks to all those who voted in their favor. Pretty funny. Oklahoma seems to be the land of antiquated laws. It was only a few days ago, on November 1, that it became legal to give and receive a tattoo in Oklahoma (I can breathe easier now that I’m not constantly looking over my tattooed right shoulder for Johnny Law).

So now it’s sit back and watch. I love the drama of election night with all of the coverage and analysis. And with this election it seems that no one knows for sure what the national picture will look like when all of the votes shake loose.

Let the games begin.


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