Friday, September 29, 2006

Yet Another Example of Why I Should Never Be Allowed to Speak

The sweet little 8-year old daughter of my neighbor came knocking on my door yesterday because she had a homework assignment to ask 10 different people what their top 3 wishes would be if they could wish for anything in the “whoooooole wide world”. She was taking this assignment very seriously.

But I had no forewarning! These are the types of questions that I usually like to mull over and think deeply about because I’m a lunatic and tend to overcomplicate and make difficult almost everything in my life. But how could I explain to this fresh-faced little cutie in a way that she would understand that I’m a slave to my neurosis?

So when asked her question, I instantaneously decided to save her from my craziness and just go with the top three answers that came to my mind. Without hesitation, I told her my top 3 wishes would be:

“ Health and prosperity for my family.”

“ Eternal peace and prosperity for the world.”


“A killer body.”.

The little girl was taking great pains writing down my answers. She asked me what “prosperity” and “eternal” meant, so she let me indulge in a little teaching moment, which I loved. When she left my house I was feeling pretty good about my ability to just go with my first reaction instead of thinking something to death.

Until I heard her whisper to her mother as they were crossing my driveway, “Mom! Miss Lori wishes she could be a killer!”.

Is it any wonder I’m neurotic?


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