Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Heat Is On

After nearly one month of 98+ degree heat in Oklahoma City...the first day of summer is officially here!

Remember when summer meant no school and three whole months of freedom? When I think of the summertimes of my youth, these thoughts come to mind...

The big backyard on Choteau Street.

Playing outside until dark, then taking baths that left dirt rings on the tub.

The mint plant by the back door on Choteau.

The smell of the freshly mowed lawn.

Charcoal grilled burgers.

Twirling lessons.


Camping in the backyard with Jacquie.

Vacation Bible School.

Snow cones. Running like we were possessed to meet the snow cone truck with our quarters when we heard its song in the distance.

The swimming pool and swimming lessons with tubes in my ears.

The “balance beam” wall at Mrs. Williams’ house.

The lake. The Boat. Waterskiing.

Texas. Long drives to Texas. Small towns. Grandparents. Cousins. Singing Conventions.


Templed Hills.

The roller skating rink.

Part-time jobs.

River Rafting.


General Hospital.

The Many Adventures of Steve and Lori.


Los Angeles road trip.


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