Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Opposite of LivingStrong

Through a strange series of events that would be boring to relay, I found myself in an Oklahoma City Public Schools 10th grade biology class this morning monitoring their state exams. I hadn’t been in a high school in over 20 years, so that alone was interesting enough.

You remember the role of the class monitor on standardized test day – reading the instructions from the booklet exactly as they are written, authorizing the exact moment when answer booklets could be opened, blurting out the time remaining every five minutes, telling people who had questions to “just do the best you can”, they only answer the monitor is legally able to give, and forever handing out the hall pass.

As I was walking up and down between the desks I saw one kid wearing the yellow LiveStrong bracelet I was talking about a few days ago. But as I walked by his desk I saw that it was actually this bracelet.

I had to laugh, because THAT is funny. Pretty much the OPPOSITE of what one likes to think the Lance Armstrong campaign is all about...but there have been those pesky allogations of doping early in his career...I'm just choosing not to believe them.

I found the picture of the bracelet on The Onion’s web site. Figures. I hadn't read The Onion in awhile but now I'm adding it to my "to do" list because I forget how great it is.

Have a good day everyone. Keep your eyes on your own work and just do the best you can.



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