Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Funny Valentine, Sweet Comic Valentine

I made it through St. Valentine’s Day yesterday and it turned out to be okay. Choosing not to spiral down into a funk for not having a sweetie, my strategy was simply to ignore it as any kind of special day other than a Wednesday.

But there were a few nice moments.

Really delicious cookies baked by my friend Holly. Aren’t they pretty? They tasted even better.

And this righteous ring from my friend Sam. I love it so much. It’s called a roe ring because it looks like a cluster of fish eggs, made out of glass beads. Truly fabulous. Sam mailed it to me, because he’s out of town. He and I are just friends, so the jewelry was a surprise, but he’s goofy like this. He often shows up bearing gifts, which is kind of fun. He's given me everything from African sandals to watches to crystal glasses to rings. He's sort of my high roller friend, which cracks me up, because I'm not a high roller girl. At all.

I got a call last night from an ex-boyfriend from YEARS ago, which was a huge shock and awkward conversation. But ex-boyfriends are a story for another day.

And I received some nice valentine cards from family and friends, too.

So I survived Valentine’s Day feeling pretty good about things. Yea, me!

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