Monday, February 05, 2007

Putting Their Game Faces On

I was waiting in the long line at the grocery store yesterday, a few hours before the Super Bowl. The man in line ahead of me took a call.

Man: Hey baby, yeah I’m in line now.

Baby says something.

Man: Yes baby, I got the Velveeta and Rotel and the chicken wings. You got the blue cheese dressing, right?

Baby says something.

Man: Baby, I got 5 dozen chicken wings and I got 6 packages of L’il Smokies, too, that we can mix up with that barbeque sauce your mama made. We also got that brisket in the smoker and I think Donnie is bringing the ribs. You think we need more meat?

Baby says something.

Man: Baby, I got 6 bags of chips, bean dip and guacamole and I got 4 cases of beer. Hey, you want me to pick up some tortillas for the quesadillas or do you got enough at home?

Baby says something.

Man: Baby, you tell him to bring that potato salad he’s always talking about.

Baby says something.

Man: Okay, baby. If you think of anything else you need call me. We got Donnie, Jack and Big Earl coming over and we need to be PREPARED.

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