Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lassie, Come Home!

I need your help, please! Collectively, we must find a way to will a wild, lost, little CHIHUAHUA at the Last Stop home.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for people to dump unwanted dogs in the country, but it’s very unusual for those dogs to be little Chihuahuas. But that’s exactly what mom and dad have on their place in Texas right now. A wild, scared little Chihuahua! They’ve tried to lure him in with gentle voices and food, but he’s really skittish and bolts away. He seems to be attracted to the barn, so maybe they’ll be able to gain his trust if they hang around the barn long enough, too.

Because if they’re able to get him, then Dot will get a little brother or sister! I was supposed to get a Chihuahua puppy years ago – Zeus was his name – but the little guy died before he was weaned. So giving this lost wild baby a home would be very rewarding.

So, I would appreciate you helping me by please doing whatever it is you do – pray, light a candle, think a good thoughts, wish out loud – and let’s see if we can get this little one home before the cold or a coyote get its little tiny hide first. Thank you!


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