Sunday, December 31, 2006

Being Merry and Bright

I've enjoyed the holidays this year. Low key, laid back, spent primarily with my parents. No pressure, getting to do whatever we've wanted to do, great meals, lots of laughs. I sure missed seeing Matt, Shana and the girls - especially those little girls - but I've felt fairly peaceful and have (thankfully!) avoided any serious holiday blues.

I'm happy to report that apparently the gifts I gave Macy and Ruby were big hits. I gave Mason Grace a toy horse - who she named Strawberry - about 18 inches tall, with all of the accessories and acoutrements she needs. That little imp has loved horses from day one. I also got her a doctor's kit that I'm sure she will turn into a vet's kit to keep Strawberry healthy. Ruby Kate got a little baby doll with bottles, a bassenette, and a high chair and I guess she just loves it all.

It's always fun to get presents, whether you're 2 or 39. Even though we said we were only going to give each other one gift each, it didn't seem to turn out that way. On the fun factor scale, the karaoke machine dad gave mom was the biggest hit. Mom and I put on some fantastic shows, for sure. I found a website that sells karaoke cds for .99 cents, so anticipate we'll have quite a collection before too long. We're going to become those women who have their "signature" songs and we will be BENT if someone else sings them. I think I'm going for Delta Dawn...or maybe the theme song from The Jeffersons. Oh yeah...

I'm loving a few gifts that were given to me. I was totally tricked on one gift - when I opened it I saw it was a lovely James Avery wooden box so I naturally became quite animated, assuming it would be holding an equally lovely piece of James Avery jewelry. I hadn't guess it would really have a necklace made out of paper clips and green tape found in an antique store inside! That one got me pretty good. Thinking that was the end of the joke, I was thrilled when later on I opened another box that turned out to really be the James Avery bracelet I have been coveting. Love it! Completely surprised.

I also received a righteous collection of Archie and the Gang juice glasses. They are so sweet. From the ages of about 10 until 15 I was addicted to Archie Comic Digests. Mom would let me get one just about every month and I would devour it, primarily while eating cereal in the morning before school. Archie in my left hand and my spoon in my right hand was how it went with me and Archie.

Jelly came in these vintage glasses in the early to mid 1970's and I'm now the proud owner of 6 of them. Apparently there are 12 in the series, so I'll be on the look out for others, for sure. Groovy.

My stocking was full of good stuff, too, but I think my favorites would be the stubby hammer and my magnet with Jesus saying "You must be guilty of something".

As I look down at my feet, I'm reminded that one the greatest presents I've ever received was three years ago when I got Dot. Who knew that I would find my dog at the Brownwood, Texas pound for $20, which I was refunded when I submitted proof that she got her shots!

I'll take down the tree tomorrow and Christmas will come to an end. So on this New Year's Eve, I wish all of you and yours a happy, healthy and special 2007. And peace on Earth, good will toward men...


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